Exploring Coffee Brewing Methods: Percolation vs Immersion

Exploring Coffee Brewing Methods: Percolation vs Immersion

Coffee brewing methods can generally fall under one of two large categories: percolation or immersionWhat's the difference?

Percolation vs Immersion

Percolation refers to when fresh water passes through grounds to extract coffee flavor (Pour Over), while immersion refers to when the coffee grounds sit in water that gets gradually more and more saturated with coffee (French Press). 


Where does Hooked Coffee fall?

While our Pour Over Pouches mostly fall under the percolation method similar to traditional pour overs, our design is a little different in that the filter and grinds sit in your cup, rather than suspended above a pitcher. This means, depending on the height of your cup, you may get a little bit of immersion towards the end of your brew! The shorter your cup, the more time the Pour Over Pouch sits slightly submerged below the surface of your coffee, the more it becomes an immersion method.

That being said, you can use our Pouches for Cold Brew! In this special case, cold brew uses an immersion method, so give both a try and decide for yourself! 


Which brewing method is better?

It's up to personal taste! If you like a lighter-bodied coffee that highlights different layers of flavors, pick a tall glass that's big enough so the coffee doesn't touch the filter even at the end of the brew. If you like a fuller-bodied, stronger, richer-feeling coffee, pick a short small mug.


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