What is Nitrogen Flushing: Keeping Your Favorite Coffee Fresh

What is Nitrogen Flushing: Keeping Your Favorite Coffee Fresh

If you've ever bought your own coffee beans, you know every second is a battle against staleness. How do our Pour Over Pouches stay fresh for 12 months? We utilize nitrogen flush packaging—a highly effective method to enhance food longevity.

I. So what is nitrogen flushing?

It's a packaging process where the air is removed and replaced with pure nitrogen. 

Oxygen and moisture in the air are the enemies of freshness. Staleness is caused by oxidation, a reaction that occurs when oxygen reacts with compounds in the coffee (this is also why fruits turn brown after being cut open). So by "flushing" out all the air with nitrogen, the coffee inside can stay good for much longer.  

II. Is nitrogen flushing safe?

Nitrogen is perfectly safe. In fact it already makes up 78% of the air we breathe. Nitrogen flushing is a very common process in the food industry - if you've ever opened a bag of perfectly crisp chips, you've enjoyed the benefits of nitrogen flushing! 


With our Pour Over Pouches, you don't need to fight against time anymore. We nitrogen flush each individual packaging foil, allowing the coffee inside to stay fresh for a whole year. So go ahead and stock up on Hooked Coffee without any fear of it going stale. It's a good feeling to know you'll never be without fresh coffee!
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