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7 Must-Have Products if You Love Coffee and Traveling

Whether you're on a work trip, camping, or enjoying a getaway, here are seven of the best essentials for any on-the-go coffee addict that will make sure you're never far from your perfect cup! 


Essential Products for Coffee-Loving Travelers

1. Insulated Travel Mug

No travel coffee routine is complete without a reliable travel mug. Choose a leak-proof and insulated option that keeps your coffee piping hot for hours, ensuring you can savor every sip as you embark on new adventures. Check out our travel mug in collaboration with Miir. 

2. Single-Serve Coffee Pouches

For ultimate convenience, our single-serve coffee pouches are a game-changer. With our all-in-one coffee solution, you can say goodbye to bringing your own beans, grinding, weighing, and specialized equipment. Simply pour hot water over the pouch, and in just 90 seconds, you'll have an easy and delicious cup of coffee.

3. Portable Brewer

If you're serious about making your morning cup of Joe from scratch, a portable brewer would be on your list of must-haves. Opt for compact and lightweight options like the Aeropress that fit in your travel bag.

4. Hand Coffee Grinder

Freshly ground beans is one way to upgrade your cup. For the ultimate traveling coffee aficionado, consider a hand grinder. These compact and portable grinders let you grind beans on-the-go, ensuring the freshest cup of coffee wherever you go.

5. Portable Electric Kettle

A portable electric kettle is a handy addition for coffee lovers who prefer their coffee brewed at the right temperature. These compact and lightweight kettles allow you to boil water quickly and efficiently so you're only minutes away from your morning cup.

6. A Cold-Brew Kit

Cold brew kits are the perfect companion for coffee lovers on the move. These kits usually consist of a container for steeping coffee grounds in cold water and a filter or mesh bag for straining the brewed coffee.

Our single-serve coffee pouches can double as convenient cold brew packs. Discover the versatility of our pouches for on-the-go cold brew enjoyment!

7. A hand-powered espresso maker

Craving an authentic espresso but stuck in a remote location without electricity? No worries! Introducing the impressive hand-powered espresso maker. Just add your preferred ground coffee and hot water, then pump the piston for a rich and velvety espresso on the go.


Tips for Enjoying Coffee on the Go

In addition to these essential products, here are a few tips for coffee-loving travelers:

  • Seek out local coffee shops and try their specialty brews to discover unique flavors.
  • Explore coffee-related experiences, such as coffee tastings or tours, to deepen your appreciation for the craft.
  • Consider carrying a travel-friendly coffee journal to document your coffee experiences and memories.


With these seven must-have products, you can easily elevate your coffee experience while traveling. Whether you choose a portable coffee maker, an insulated travel mug,  or any other recommended items, embrace the joy of exploring new places while sipping on your favorite coffee. Check out our single-serve coffee pouches today for a seamless and delightful coffee experience during your travels.

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