Why Andytown? Community, Sustainability, and Exceptional Flavors

Why Andytown? Community, Sustainability, and Exceptional Flavors


Take a trip to Andytown Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee roasting founded in 2014 by baristas Michael McCrory and Lauren Crabbe. Nestled in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco, Andytown aims to recreate the warmth of your grandmother's kitchen—clean, cozy, and inviting. In this blog, we'll explore Andytown's journey, values, and unique approach to coffee.

The Early Days: Andytown's Coffee Journey

In their humble 600 square foot space, Andytown began its journey, handling everything from roasting to baking and customer service. The goal was clear: create a space that feels like home. Fast forward to 2017, and Andytown expanded to Taraval, establishing a new cafe by the beach and a state-of-the-art roasting facility. The evolution allowed for a kitchen remodel and an expanded bakery, serving pastries across all locations.

Growing Together: Andytown's Commitment to Community Growth

With three locations in the Outer Sunset and one downtown, Andytown is not just a coffee roaster; it's a community builder. The team, comprised of passionate coffee and pastry professionals, continuously challenges itself to improve. The company's growth is synonymous with creating the ideal workplace and contributing positively to the neighborhood they call home.

Sourcing Practices: Andytown's Direct and Sustainable Coffee Sourcing 

Andytown's commitment extends beyond its cafes. The roaster collaborates directly with importers, exporters, producers, and farmers who share values of sustainability and community commitment. Regular communication, visits to farms, and a dedication to long-term relationships define Andytown's approach. Certification recognition is coupled with a focus on verifying sustainable practices and promoting gender parity among coffee partners.

A Diverse Menu: Andytown’s Coffee Palette

Andytown's menu is a testament to the diverse flavor profiles of coffee-producing regions. From classic and comforting to wild and experimental, every cup tells a unique story. The roaster's goal is simple: ensure every visitor finds a coffee that suits their taste.

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