Why Equator? Good Coffee Leads to Good Things

Why Equator? Good Coffee Leads to Good Things


In 1995, founders Brooke McDonnell, Helen Russell, and Maureen McHugh embarked on a mission from their Marin County garage – to prove that coffee could be more than just a beverage; it could be a force for good. This marked the birth of Equator Coffees, a high-impact coffee company that redefines the coffee experience through quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

From Garage to Global Impact: Equator’s Evolution

Recognizing the potential for positive change, Equator set out to roast and sell coffee that not only tasted better but also contributed to a better world. The journey from garage to global impact began, with a commitment to sourcing coffee in a way that improves lives and communities.

Sourcing Excellence : Equator’s Journey

In 2008, Equator joined forces with coffee expert Willem Boot to establish Finca Sophia, their coffee farm in Volcan, Panama. This groundbreaking move signaled a dedication to controlling the entire coffee journey, from cultivation to cup. In 2011, Equator achieved another milestone by becoming the first coffee roaster in California to earn Certified B Corporation status.

Expanding the Horizon: Equator’s Coffee Scene

Equator's commitment to excellence and sustainability continued to flourish. In 2013, the company opened its first retail store at the Proof Lab campus in Mill Valley. Fast forward to 2021, and Equator proudly unveiled its ninth retail location at the iconic round house near the Golden Gate Bridge. Each location is a testament to their dedication to providing a diverse range of coffee experiences.

More Than a Name: Equator’s Mission

While Equator was named after the region where coffee grows, it has evolved into a symbol of connectivity, representing the path around the planet that unites us all. As Equator treads the path from bean to sip, their mission remains unchanged – to make everything they touch better, believing that drinking good coffee leads to good things.


With two decades of impact, eleven cafes (and counting), and a commitment to making a positive difference, Equator Coffees continues to elevate the coffee experience.

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