Why Onyx Coffee Lab? A Journey Beyond Good Enough

Why Onyx Coffee Lab? A Journey Beyond Good Enough


Years ago, "Never Settle for Good Enough" was more than a slogan for Onyx Coffee Lab. Founded in 2012 by Jon and Andrea Allen, Onyx emerged with a mission to redefine specialty coffee with an unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and accountability.

Roasting Excellence at Onyx

At Onyx, the pursuit of perfection starts with extensive travels to source the absolute best coffees globally. From different countries, continents, and terrains, the team maintains high standards for taste and scoring. Roasting and cupping at their HQ involve minute adjustments to the roast profiles, ensuring each coffee shines in the cup.

Sustainable Roasting in Every Sip:

Onyx not only prioritizes quality but also sustainability. Roasting and shipping coffees every weekday, they utilize solar energy from their facility's roof. Each roast undergoes a meticulous quality check through cupping, providing data available on their website for transparency.

Transparency in Pricing and Trade:

Unlike many, Onyx boldly displays pricing and trade data for each coffee on its product page. This practice is a testament to their pride in showcasing the hard work and innovation of producing partners. Every detail, from what they paid to who they bought it from, is laid bare, giving customers a unique insight into the coffee's journey.

Education at Onyx’s Core:

Onyx's commitment to excellence extends beyond the cup. Their approach to serving coffee begins with in-depth classes, hands-on skill development, and repetition in their training lab. From farming to cupping to preparation, every staff member, wholesale partner, and coffee enthusiast benefits from this wealth of knowledge.


In the world of specialty coffee, Onyx Coffee Lab stands not just as a roaster but as a commitment to quality, transparency, and community. Excellence and hospitality run through every part of their business, creating a coffee experience that goes beyond good enough.

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