Why Partners Coffee? Brewing Community Through Quality and Shared Culture

Why Partners Coffee? Brewing Community Through Quality and Shared Culture


In the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Partners Coffee blossomed in 2012, founded by childhood friends and Co-Owners, Amber Jacobsen and Adam Boyd. Their vision was simple yet profound: to create a haven that celebrated coffee, grounded in lasting relationships and a commitment to roasting quality beans. Since then, Partners Coffee has been on a journey, roasting delectable brews with an equal emphasis on excellence and approachability.

Cultivating Connections: Partners Coffee's Beginnings

The journey began with the flagship roastery, education lab, and café on North 6th Street—a space designed to make coffee fun, approachable, and a social experience. As the community flourished, so did Partners Coffee, expanding into new spaces, forming new partnerships, introducing new food offerings, cultivating relationships at origin, and of course, roasting new and exciting coffees.

Partnerships that Define Partners Coffee's Growth

Partners Coffee thrives on relationships—with farmers, producers, baristas, roasters, businesses, and customers. These partnerships have been the catalyst for growth, nurturing a shared coffee culture that extends beyond city limits.

El Ramo Project: A Global Commitment

Partners Coffee stands tall on the strength of its lasting relationships at origin. The commitment to sourcing coffee globally is rooted in knowing and trusting the people behind the beans. A prime example is the El Ramo project—a bi-annual initiative sourcing exquisite coffees from a single municipality in the Antioquia department of Colombia. The most exceptional coffees from this project find their place on the Single Origin menu.

Partners’ Pledge to Empower Communities

Pledging to purchase non-commodity priced coffee is more than a business decision for Partners Coffee. It's a commitment to building a secure supply chain, empowering growing partners to invest in their businesses and local communities. Relationships formed and annual coffee purchases contribute to the security and development of community projects.


In every cup of Partners Coffee, the essence of community and dedication to exceptional quality blend seamlessly. Every coffee moment is a celebration of shared experiences and culture.

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