It starts with traveling to find the absolute best coffees. This plays out across different countries, continents, and terrains. Onyx maintain high standards for how our coffees score and taste.

Their approach to serving coffee begins way before there’s a customer in front of them. Whether you’re a coffee professional or you’re just getting started, you can trust that excellence and hospitality run through the core of every part of their business.

Sourcing Practices

Onyx take active steps at the producer level to buy and support sustainable coffees. They pay premiums that producers use to build drying beds, to purchase organic fertilizers, among other small initiatives that work towards sustainability.

Their relationship-coffee model reinforces their desire to work regularly with producers that are consistently putting out excellent coffees and also that are actively working towards practices that cultivate long term production on their farms. Coffee production is truly a long game. Sustainable practices on the farm level help make this a reality, both for financial and agricultural stability.

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Why we love ONYX

Onyx’s relentless dedication to finding high-quality coffee and perfecting each roast and blend is what we admire most about them. It’s easy to tell that coffee for them is not only a profession, but a passion, and you can taste it in every coffee they make. - Melody