Partners Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster founded in Brooklyn, New York. As roasters and baristas with an unwavering commitment to sourcing and roasting quality coffee, they believe that each coffee tells a story, and they seek to share that in every cup.
After nearly a decade in business and years spent forging close relationships with farmers, producers, baristas, roasters, fellow small businesses and customers, Partners Coffee has become synonymous with high quality, accessible specialty coffee.

Sourcing Practices

As sustainable harvesting is necessary for quality and yield, the Partners team actively seeks out producers that meet qualifications such as natural fertilization, maintaining clean, primarily organic farms based on traditional, age-old agricultural techniques, and processing methods including drying and milling practices.
By pledging to purchase non-commodity priced coffee, year after year, Partners has helped build a secure supply while simultaneously allowing their growing partners to invest in their local communities. Partners often work in tandem with their producing partners on community projects that include making improvements to housing, schooling, and other local facilities that
benefit future generations.
Partners endeavors to reuse, repurpose and recycle all collateral material associated with roasting, packaging, and delivering their products, and they avoid one-time-use consumables wherever possible. Their retail coffee bags are part of a zero-waste manufacturing chain; Partners collects used bags at all of their stores, consolidates them, and mails them back to the manufacturer for sterile, easy, low-energy conversion back into material to improve draining for landscape projects or aggregate for concrete precast. The team continues to prioritize sustainability, actively researching and implementing improvements across all facets of the brand.

Why we love PARTNERS

We first heard about Partners from our east coast coffee-loving friends, and were blown away at our first tasting. From their smooth, balanced blends to some of the layered and distinct single-origins, every coffee was a home run. Partners immediately won a place in our heart, not just for their great coffee, but also their focus on building relationships at origin. - Melody